North Africa and Middle East

Welcome to one of the great crossroads of the world where European, Arabic and African cultures meld. The result is stunning architecture, ancient ruins, beautiful bright sand beaches with crystal clear waters and the wonderfully exotic smells permeating from sprawling outdoor markets – and that is just for starters. Each of the countries in this area of Africa has its own special draws.  Morocco, with its Imperial cities & their amazing medinas. There’s desert and mountain treks & cycle trips. A trip to the night market in Marrakesh is not to be missed, and of course a camel trek in the Sahara is an absolute must.
Tunisia, offers the perfect blend of history and history in the making. Begin your trek at historically important Roman ruins, which are Unesco heritage sites, then get ready for beach life on the great beach shorelines on the sparkling Mediterranean sea. Then there’s Sahara desert treks that are a throwback to the days of T.E. Lawrance (Lawrence of Arabia).
Egypt. One of the world’s absolute must see destinations. Explore thousands of years of history at the great pyramids of Giza and the temples along the Nile. And experience the stunning Valley of the Kings in Luxor. These are what Egypt is infamous for. But don’t forget the unbelievable diving in the red sea or a chance to walk in the footsteps of biblical history as you ascend to the top of Mt. Sinai.
Jordan. A trip to the middle East would not be complete without walking through the mind blowing old pink city of rock also known as Petra. After all the truly exception sights to explore in Jordan a soak in the dead sea to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit is a must!