The countries are so complete in their diversity and so closely knit, its easy to experience a new adventure every day. Grand churches & significant palaces dot the landscape as well as beautiful central squares found in most towns and cities. Narrow winding cobblestone streets are brimming with cafes and restaurants tucked away in quaint locations. You can spend your days exploring the history of the European countries, and all they offer. Hiking, walking and cycling trails abound throughout and are particularly popular in countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland, to name just a few. Enjoy listening to all the different languages, variety of world famous cuisine and eye–catching, historically significant architecture that is found here.Explore the beautiful Cinque Terra walk in Italy as well as stunning coastline, wineries and Lake Como with its lavish villas. The sun-kissed beaches of Spain, Portugal & Greece dotting the Mediterranean are an absolute marvel . The Dalmatian coast in Croatia affords you the opportunity to explore secluded beaches and ancient cobblestone villages. Ancient and exotic Turkey straddles Europe & Asia. Istanbul with its famous Blue Mosque, Hippodrome and Grand Bazaar. Valleys of Cappadocia. Coastal city of Antalya. Cruising on the Turquoise coast on a traditional gullet. Kayaking on the Turquoise coast. Hiking the Lycian way or St. Paul’s trail. Cycle trips along the coast. Turkey is a travelers dream destination for both active and cultural experiences.