The world’s largest continent also offers you some of the planet’s biggest adventures. There is nothing like rolling onto the tarmac and feeling the first burst of humidity when you walk off the airplane in almost every single country that makes up SE Asia. In these countries Buddhism is widely practiced. You’ll see so many spectacular statues of Buddha in various forms throughout these countries. As well it is common to see Monks of many different ages in their colorful robes, going about their business. If you like fresh and spicy food, this region of the world sets the standard for all others. The wonderful aroma of cilantro, sweet chili’s and curry flowing from food stalls on the streets are hard to resist! Ancient temples & cities, pristine beaches, ethnic tribes in the hills, lush tropical flora & fauna, friendly locals and some of the most diverse marine life in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, make this part of the world—an adventure you can never tire of.

North Asia offers Big Planet travellers chance to see the world a different way. The Great wall of China, visible from space, stretches as far as the eye can see. There’s the tiger-leaping gorge for trekking, the city of Shanghai showcases the face of old and new world China. Mongolia with its vast plains and unpredictable climate is the old stomping grounds of Genghis Khan. A visit to the Gobi desert is a must and if you are up for it, spend the night in a traditional Ger, a real adventure. Japan is beautiful throughout the year with its Zen gardens, mountains, and temples. Toyko is spell binding with its lights and constant flow of movement. And stoic Mt Fuji offers travelers, a breath of fresh perspective.­­ If you can visit during the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom you will be mesmerised by how stunning Japan is.