Indian Subcontinent

You can start with a visit to Sri Lanka with its endless beaches. This is a strong Buddhist country, where you can see many ancient temples & statues. Sri Lanka is an easy country to cycle around and offers sight seers a bountiful paradise of waterfalls and abundant wildlife including leopards, wild elephants and whale watching.Next stop is India, with its unbelievable diversity of temples throughout the country with so many different religions. The spicy food will awaken your taste buds and the rich smells of exotic spices will act as a wonderful guide as you meander through different regions of this stunning country. Cruise the backwaters of Kerala in a houseboat. Enjoy lazy hours on the golden beaches of Goa, then head north to see for yourself the striking colorful cities and people of Rajasthan. A visit to northern India must include a visit to the dramatic Taj Mahal and to Varanasi where you can see the holy river Ganges and the bathing rituals along the Ghats.

If you are ready to tackle a challenging trek, then head to the top of the world in Nepal. Chose a trek in the regal Everest region or perhaps the Annapurna’s. Take time to explore the city of Kathmandu bursting with people, temples, traffic and amazing scents. Then it’s time to relax and wild spot in Chitwan national park. Tibet and little know Bhutan also offer trekking and cultural experiences within the Himalayas. Bhutan is almost untouched, so get ready to step back in time. Striking monasteries built into the side of mountains offer you a unique perspective on life. Bhutan is a very spiritual country offering many good hikes, walks and cultural experiences.